Sunday, December 13, 2009

Carbon Calculator

The sand stopped trickling,
The hourglass immovable,
The hands stopped,
The clock silent

Time stands still,
History my only foe,
As I try and go,
To a place I've tried before

Haven't journeyed long,
But it's been a sweet song,
As it built to a crescendo,
As it seemed to flow,
As these things usually go

It ended.

Friday, August 21, 2009

don't think too much

As the darkness sets in,
the silent hills deafen,
how brave of you then,
to be turned down once again,
Turn away to whence you came,
turn back to the same,

In the dark alone you lie,
Work up until the day I die.....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The woman in the red dress

And then she walks in,
WIth the slightest smile on her lips,
She sits beside me,
But i don't exist

Not in her head,
Only in mine,
All that said,
I walk the line..

It's delicate, precarious,
Away from her,
Away from you,
Away from me....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Eternity washes over me...

The moment we had,
the moment's passed
the moments we lost

Stepping in the sand,
The surf on my feet,
Washes the moments away

There's only gray,
I would like some absolutes
are there imprecise truths?

Read between the lines,
See the signs,
Made in the sand,
As it all washes away....

Sunday, May 31, 2009

obssessing about nothing and everything

Things I've felt
I wish I could say
As the candles melt
at the end of the day

I sit at my table
Hands stained with ink
Framing a fable
Without as much as a blink

The words flow
one after another
I feel every blow
as I blunder

to keep you close
In my head
But as this goes
You are lead

Away from me
In person and in mind
Who is he?
Why must I go through the grind?

Of failing again
to find one as you
Calming, cooling rain
and one as true

Sunday, February 1, 2009


As I stare into the cosmos,
Through the leaves a gentle wind blows,
The pale glow of the moon looks amazing on your face,
As though in agreement the fucking tree sways

My gaze haltingly shifts to the full moon,
and I realize every second here is a boon,
I came to this place feelin' uncertain,
Thinking that making something of myself would be a burden

I find that burden get heavier as time passes,
I don't want to be a face lost in that of the masses,
A little introspection has showed that I'm insecure,
of the fact that I'm alone and falling I am sure

The look in your eyes is a gentle caress,
The joy of which leaves me in a hapless mess,
I'm falling into the abyss of your eyes,
This low is much better than any highs

I think I find solace in this infinity,
At peace as much as at peace I can be,
As I stare into the cosmos,
Through your hair a gentle wind blows.....

(Found this in a book I wrote poetry in about 4 years ago, a lot of it still resonates)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Start out again with a wiped slate
open road stares you in the face,
Despondent traveler wayward led,
In between the lines he read,

Lost yourself in the whens, the wheres, the whys,
Couldn't separate the hows, the whats, the lies,
Friends found and lost forever
Life's passing you by in a blur

Can't distinguish one day from the other,
Lying in the arms of the estranged lover,
You wish it would finally come to pass,
And lying there you could breathe your last....